Our Company

The field of data communication and embedded systems is quite vast that could easily overwhelm even the most expert individuals. This is the reason why i-MOCCA was created.

Spearheaded by Zachary Pickering, i-MOCCA offers services for data communication and embedded systems. Our fast and consistent turn-around time, and great service is giving us the perfect opportunity to make our mark in the field of Data Communications and in the Embedded Systems community.

i-MOCCA caters to people with all levels of experience. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the field of data communications, we make sure that you would find at least one of our services quite useful. We encourage clients and potential clients to reach out to us if they are looking for something that we might have overlooked.

i-MOCCA understands the need to be constantly updated, learn new trends, and the importance of refreshing one’s knowledge tank. We provide clients with the latest trends, discoveries, expertise, and relevant training materials to make sure that they are well-equipped and empowered with the tools and knowledge that they need to succeed.

We pride ourselves in providing the best assistance and service in the market. We don’t focus simply on the basics but rather we offer more in-depth solutions to guarantee that our customers walk away satisfied and keep them interested to come back for more.